K. Scharwey1, T. Krzizok1, M. Gräf1, B. Hinrichs2

A pyogenic granuloma as reactive change of conjunctival tissue developing after eye muscle surgery is a rare complication. The tumor is caused by trauma or surgery with or without foreign body material.

Case report: A 7-year-old girl presented in our department with recurrence of a conjunctival granuloma following a bimedial retroequatorial myopexia and excision of conjunctival suture granuloma in the left eye. Clinically, a promi- nent, nodular, painless, reddish mass was found, completely filling the palpebral fissure nasally and overlaping the cornea by 3 mm. Except for a mild amblyopia (visual acuity 0.8) due to microstrabismus of 1º, other results of ocular examination were normal. After surgical excision following the initial biopsy, the histopathological study established the diagnosis of pyogenic granuloma, partially covered by a conjunctival epithelium. Some foreign body material was removed simultaneously. After removal no further symptoms occured.

Conclusion: The complete local excision of the pyogenic granuloma with removal of foreign body material can protect from reccurence. The rapid growth and appearance as well as the clinical examination may imitate another tumor, e.g. haemangioma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma, necessitating the surgical excision and histopathological study.

1 Department of Strabismology and Neuroophthalmology, University of Giessen, Friedrichstr. 18, D-35392 Giessen

2 Institut of Pathology, University of Giessen, Langhansstr. 10, D-35385 Giessen