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Development of the Hiv-Incidenz in Central Africa - A study on the eyeclinic of Baffoussam / Kamerun

Herz E.

Acha Augenklinik Bafoussam, Kamerun

Background: The incidence of HIV in the last years was increasing enormously. Mostly the dates are quite different because serological cross section studies are not possible. Therefore the aim of the study was to examine the patients of a leading eye clinic of the region for HIV by serological testing.
Methods: Three groups of patients were tested: 1. patients for cataract surgery from at age 20 to 60 years, 2. ophthalmologic outpatients suffering from a disease suspect for HIV and 3. Patients from the general ambulance of the eye clinic showing symptoms for suspect HIV.
Results: In the 1220 tested patients were X from group1, Y from group 2 and Z from group 3. In the group 1 were 12 (x %) in the group 2 were 85 (y %) and in the group 3 showed 188 (z%) positive serological results.
Conclusions: The results are not complete represent but a sign for the incidence of HIV in the population. The incidence has to be ordered between the groups 1 and 3. Because of the prolonged serologic answer the level seems to bee surely higher. This must taken into consideration for diagnosing eye diseases performing ophthalmic surgical procedures.

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