History of German Ophthalmology

Research and science are characterised by dynamism, change and the constant questioning of what is currently valid. A society like the DOG, which wants to offer research and science a framework and a forum, must also meet this challenge and be able to adapt quickly and flexibly to changing conditions

The past 150 years show that this is precisely what distinguishes the DOG. And this ability to adapt flexibly to current necessities, the rapid absorption of currents and developments, the thoroughly controversial but ultimately always goal-oriented internal discourse are responsible for the fact that the DOG, despite its 150 years, is a young, dynamic and very tradition-conscious society, but always forward-looking.

150th anniversary of the death of DOG founder Albrecht von Graefe

“Today we should measure ourselves by his example”.
Munich, January 2020 – This year, the DOG – German Society of Ophthalmology will commemorate its founder Albrecht von Graefe, who died 150 years ago. With a wreath-laying ceremony at the monument to the famous ophthalmologist near Berlin’s Charité hospital, a symposium edicatd to von Graefe, a visit to the Albrecht von Graefe School in Berlin-Kreuzberg and a new Graefe biography, the DOG wants above all to recall the timeless values that von Graefe represented. The Berlin ophthalmologist succumbed to tuberculosis on 20 July 1870.

You can find out more about the life and work of Albrecht von Graefe on the specially set up website.