AAD Augenärztliche Akademie Deutschlands [German Ophthalmological Academy]

The AAD Augenärztliche Akademie Deutschland [German Ophthalmological Academy] was established in 1999 as a joint continuing education event of the BVA and the DOG. The concept, established as a successor event to the Essener Fortbildung für Augenärzte (EFA) and the Wiesbadener Tagung of the BVA, has since developed into the largest German-language continuing education congress. The concept of morning lectures under a current motto and of many courses is constantly being developed and optimised to cover the entire spectrum of ophthalmology. The proven task of the AAD is and remains the transfer of knowledge of “established findings” for ophthalmological practice with simultaneous evaluation of innovative techniques and forms of therapy.

Further information on the AAD can be found on the website www.aad.to.

AAD 2021
AAD 2021 took place from 17 to 20 March 2021 as an online congress.

Future dates:
AAD 2022: 15. to 19.03.2022
AAD 2023: 21. to 25.03.2023
AAD 2024: 12. to 16.03.2024