DOG appeal for donations: Help for Ukraine
Solidarity address of the DOG
Information for Ukrainian doctors
Letters of Appreciation / Reports
Congress Participants from Russia / Belarussia

DOG appeal for donations: Help for Ukraine

Patient care in Ukraine is currently facing significant challenges due to the war. There are not only bottlenecks in the supply of materials and medicines. The war is also causing sometimes considerable injuries, not only, but also to the eyes. It destroys infrastructure and leads to flight and displacement.

The DOG wants to help relieve the aftermaths of war and asks its members for support.

Both monetary donations and donations in kind are welcome.

To ensure emergency care in the eye clinics in Ukraine, the DOG calls on its members to help.

For donations in kind please contact:
Prof. Dr. Matus Rehak
Clinic and Polyclinic for Ophthalmology University Gießen
Friedrichstr. 18
D-35392 Gießen
Tel. +49 (0) 641 985 43803

Transports to Ukraine are regularly arranged and organized by the University Eye Hospital in Gießen.

The DOG would like to thank all donators to reduce the suffering in Ukraine.

List of currently needed materials

– Trauma care: e.g. suture material (absorbable and non-absorbable suture material), tissue adhesives (e.g. cyanoacrylate), disposable instruments

– Anterior segment surgery: Viscoelastics, lances for paracentesis and corneal incisions, intraocular lens in usual dioptres, BSS bottles Materials for keratoplasty (trephines, forceps, suture material)

– Vitreoretinal surgery: cassettes for combined surgery (Constellation from Alcon or Stellaris from Bausch&Lomb), furthermore from any manufacturer: Decalin (PFCL), dyes for chromovitrectomy, silicone oil, gases (SF6, C2F6, C3F8), disposable instruments for ppV

Please note that the needs can change any time. In case of planning donations in kind please contact Professor Rehak.

Furthermore, there is the possibility for monetary donations, so that necessary materials can be purchased for forwarding to the Ukrainian Vitreoretinal Society.

DOG e.V. Donation account
Sparkasse Heidelberg
IBAN: DE13 6725 0020 0009 1479 42
Subject: Help for Ukraine

Your donation can be claimed as special expenses for tax purposes. For donations of more than 300 euros we issue a donation receipt.

Solidarity address of the DOG

The DOG is deeply concerned and dismayed about the humanitarian, political and economic consequences of the current developments in Ukraine. For many years, the DOG has maintained close contacts with Ukrainian ophthalmologists, the Ukrainian Ophthalmological Society as well as many Ukrainian university eye clinics and research institutions. The solidarity of the DOG goes out to all colleagues in Ukraine. The DOG condemns warlike conflicts and military aggression in the strongest possible terms. The scientists of the warring countries are not responsible for this crisis – they are all victims of the development.


We would like to thank all donors very much, amongst others:

Dr. Teresa Barth (Regensburg)
Dr. Claudia Belting (Pisa, I)
Prof. Dr. Claus Cursiefen (Köln)
Dr. Heidrun und Helmut Deißler (Ulm)
PD Dr. Tina Dietrich-Ntoukas (Berlin)
Olga Furashova (Chemnitz)
Dr. Dieter Grünholz (Moers)
Dr. S. Hannappel-Bark + W. Bark (Schwalmtal)
Jens-Peter Hinz (Heide)
Dr. Ingrid Kreissig (Mannheim)
Dr. Andreas Kretzschmar (Berlin)
Dr. Thomas Laube (Düsseldorf)
Dr. Dorothea Nüsser (Köln)
Prof. Dr. Amelie Pielen (Nürnberg)
Dr. Barbara Remy (Deisenhofen)
Prof. Dr. Martin Rohrbach (Tübingen)
Dr. Sven Schnichels (Tübingen)
Dr. Maria-Gabriele Theophil (Berlin)
PD Dr. Sarah Thiele (Bonn)
Markus Wagner (Magdeburg)
Gundolf Westphal (Westerrönfeld)
Dr. Julia Maria Wrede (Walldorf)

Alphabetical order. The donors who have given their consent are published.

Information for Ukrainian doctors

The Professional Association of Ophthalmologists has compiled information for Ukrainian doctors and resident doctors who would like to support Ukrainian doctors. You can find it under this Link.

Letters of Appreciation / Reports

Please find here the Letter of Appreciation of the Ukrainian Vitreoretinal Society and its report on where the material was delivered.

Congress Participants from Russia / Belarussia

Due to the Russian attack on its neighbour Ukraine, universities as well as scientific institutions have suspended their cooperation with partners and individuals from both Russia and Belarus. The DOG is of the same opinion and has decided to cease cooperation with the Russian and Belarussian societies of ophthalmology.

The DOG deeply regrets these measures in view of our long-standing deep and friendly relations with the ophthalmological societies of Russia and Belarus and also with numerous ophthalmologists who regularly attend our congress. With very many of them we feel a bond of friendship that goes back a long way.

In our view, individuals shall not be hold responsible for devastating decisions made by a government they do not support. This is why DOG wants to maintain contacts and communications on a personal level and Russian and Belarusian ophthalmologists therefore are as welcome to participate in our congress as are ophthalmologists from Ukraine. Scientific submissions (papers or posters) will be accepted regardless of nationality and participation in the DOG congress shall be possible. However this year, the funding for best abstracts for participants of the middle and eastern European countries will be granted to ophthalmologists from Ukraine in the first place.

Here is the link to the Congress Website.

Departure of the first transport in Gießen
Arrival at the University Clinic Lwiw
Arrival in Kiev / Dr. Andrii Ruban, President of UKVR (Ukrainian Vitreoretinal Society)
Arrival in Rivne / Dr. Roman Pavlik (200 km distance to Belarus and 300 km distance to Kiev)