Der Ophthalmologe

Magazine of the German Ophthalmological Society

ISSN: 0941-293X (Print) 1433-0423 (Online)
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“Der Ophthalmologe” is published monthly with 12 editions per year.

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F. G. Holz, Bonn
H.E. Völcker, Heidelberg (Co-editor)

A. Kampik, München, T. Kohnen (Medicine today)
A.J. Augustin, Karlsruhe, G.K.Krieglstein, Köln, T. Reinhard, Freiburg (The therapeutical principle)
H.P.N. Scholl, Bonn, F.G. Holz, Bonn (Case presentation)
F. Grehn, Würzburg, A. Kampik, München, B. Seitz, Homburg (Further education, CME)